Car Seat Headrest: Masquerade Tour at Paramount Theatre Seattle

Car Seat Headrest: Masquerade Tour Tickets

Paramount Theatre | Seattle, Washington

Car Seat Headrest are coming home! This is the Masquerade Tour coming to Paramount Theatre Seattle on Friday, April 22nd, 2022. Grab some tickets, put on those masks and come on down for a night of music, dancing, and identity loss.

“We are deeply excited to crawl out of our pit and onto the spotlit stage once more. For a few hours on a spring night, you too can slip out of your mind & into the ever-changing shared world of the theatre. We ask that you wear a mask (you know which kind), and invite you to accoutre yourself in whatever further costumery you please.”

Car Seat Headrest: Masquerade Tour at Paramount Theatre Seattle

The Indie rock band from right here in Seattle, Washington, Car Seat Headrest, are lead singer, guitarist and pianist Will Toledo, guitarist, bassist and singer Ethan Ives, bassist Seth Dalby, and drummer and singer Andrew Katz.

In May 2020, Car Seat Headrest released their newest and twelfth studio album, Making a Door Less Open, at the same time they introduced "Trait", an alternative persona of Toledo's which he had already created for the 1 Trait Danger side-project. The character is presented wearing a gas mask with LED eyes, Toledo has explained the look of Trait as a result of his performance anxiety, and a wishes to "remind himself and everyone else to have some fun with it."

The new album marks a stylistic divergence from Car Seat Headrest’s previous material, with Toledo describing the album as containing elements of EDM, hip hop, futurism, doo-wop, soul and rock and roll. Rolling Stone described Making a Door Less Open as "an immersive and adventurous album that sounds polished, but never slick, a well-executed experiment in cross-genre pollination that heightens Toledo’s best songwriting impulses." Making a Door Less Open charted at number 22 on the Independent Albums chart and number 184 on the Billboard 200.

Car Seat Headrest: Masquerade Tour at Paramount Theatre Seattle

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