Frozen – The Musical at Paramount Theatre Seattle

Frozen - The Musical Tickets

Paramount Theatre | Seattle, Washington

Calling all live entertainment addicts! You’re gonna love us for this! We are extremely happy to announce that THE ONE AND ONLY Frozen – The Musical are coming to Seattle! Yes, you’re allowed to freak out because this event will be of epic proportions! Frozen – The Musical have been openly discussing their preparations for this live tour, and everyone is thrilled because, well, they sure are preparing something outstanding. And what more suitable place to host THE event to see that the exceptional Paramount Theatre Seattle, Washington’s favorite entertainment gem! Hurry up and buy your ticket for Friday 28th February 2020 and experience in Frozen – The Musical’s unique talent.

Frozen - The Musical at Paramount Theatre Seattle

Are you ready for an evening that you will never firget? Are you trilled to see one of the premier Broadway Musical productions in the most unbelievable venue in Seattle Washington? Then the time is now to purchase your ticket to see Frozen – The Musical for a live performance on Friday 28th February 2020 only at Paramount Theatre Seattle. Not only will this be your one and only opportunity this renowned theater company perform a moving and unbelievable production, but it will be your top opportuniry to experience the many perks and benefits that are available only to ticket holders. Just imagine, you could be experiencing this unbelievable show while being treated with VIP treatment from a staff that is supreme in customer service and satisfaction. You will be kept taken care of with your choice of drinks from the bar and can chill and enjoy the show from your cozy and intimate seat. To make sure you can experience this venue for yourself, click the Buy Tickets button below and get your tickets while you still can!

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