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Paramount Theatre | Seattle, Washington

Grand Kyiv Ballet

Follow the fairest of them all as Snow White prances her way to the Paramount Theatre this Friday, December 22, courtesy of the Grand Kyiv Ballet company! The production’s engagement at Seattle’s premier stage will run for four days, with eight shows scheduled. In addition to its world-class amenities, the revered performing arts venue radiates a pristine golden luster that will deeply immerse you in the exhibition’s rousing narrative. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs originated from the classic Brothers Grimm story featuring the titular heroine in a tale of hubris, love, and the value of friendship. Led by the dynamic Oleksandr Stoianov and the graceful Kateryna Kukhar, this production will captivate audiences of all ages through delightful dance, mesmerizing music by Bogdan Pavlovsky, and scenarios composed by V. Borkovsky and S. Petrovsky. Reserve your seats to see the Grand Kyiv Ballet’s Snow White LIVE by clicking the “Get Tickets” button!

Find your way back to the enchanted realm of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Paramount Theatre! This December, the Grand Kyiv Ballet lists eight performances at the renowned Seattle venue spread throughout four days, including this exhibition on Friday the 22nd. Bring your friends and family, and together, experience a beloved classic reimagined with sprightly acting, humor, symphonies, and stagecraft.

“An imaginative atmosphere is matched with bright costumes and scenery, creating a visually stunning spectacle that transports the audience into the heart of the story. Brilliant technical dance and comedic acting bring a heartfelt love story to life, adding depth and emotion to the performance.”

Based on the early 19th-century fairy tale published by the Brothers Grimm, this Kyiv Ballet production borrows from the fable’s Disney descendant to bring life and color to the stage. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs features the riveting score by Polish composer Bogdan Pavlovsky and scenarios adapted by V. Borkovsky and S. Petrovsky.

Experience the familiar story of Snow White and her seven rambunctious dwarfs as they flit across the stage in hypnotic dance routines. See her survive the dark machinations of an Evil Queen and fall into the warm embrace of her long-awaited Prince. In an act teeming with dangers, love, and comedy, the fairest of them all will have you wide-eyed in wonder like you’ve never been before!

The prestigious Grand Kyiv Ballet dance company was founded by Oleksandr Stoianov, who also serves as artistic director and principal dancer of the Snow White production. Beside him is prima ballerina Kateryna Kukhar, with the supporting cast of creative director Olga Morozenko and other sharply trained soloists: Petra Conti, Eris Nezha, Kateryna Didenko, Mykola Horodyskyi, Anastasia Gurska, Viktor Tomashek, and Mie Nagasawa.

“The goal of any artist is to convey the culture of his country to the public. We represent Ukrainian ballet as an integral part of Ukrainian culture, which is why we want to tell the world about Ukraine through the art of ballet,” director Stoianov shared in a previous interview.

Situated in the bustling heart of downtown Seattle, the Paramount Theatre will draw its curtains to reveal the Grand Kyiv Ballet’s rendition of Snow White. This 2,800-capacity indoor venue projects a breathtaking golden ambiance that captures the grandeur of its rich history. First-class seats. Exquisite acoustics. Mesmerizing lights. Book your tickets now to enjoy these and MORE on Friday, December 22!

Grand Kyiv Ballet at Paramount Theatre

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