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The Tony and Grammy Award-winning Broadway production that takes you to hell and back… HADESTOWN is ready to make its way in Seattle, Washington to captivate audiences in an exceptional manner! Immerse yourself in the captivating and lovable tale of Orpheus in this stunning musical event. Following its acclaimed Broadway debut in March 2019, the performance Hadestown transformed an ancient Greek legend of ill-fated adolescent lovers and infused it with vibrant melodies.

Brace yourself for a night time of extraordinary stories, because Hadestown is poised to come alive at the Paramount Theatre on Saturday 4th November 2023. Acclaimed as the ‘Best Musical’ at the Tony Awards, the performance is sure to immerse you inside a narrative that is genuinely distinctive. Experience the exceptional cast portray the strong meaning of this Broadway hit right in your locality.

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One measure of a performance's triumph is its count of Tony Awards, and the remarkable production has several. From 14 nominations it received for the 2019 Tony Awards, the show clinched eight victories, among them the much-coveted title of Best Musical. Moreover, the production garnered accolades for its enchanting musical score by David Mitchell, the masterful direction of Rachel Chavkin, the standout performance by André De Shields, the creative scenic design, the striking sound design, the masterful lighting design, and the creative orchestrations.

In Anais Mitchell's reinterpretation of a Greek story, Eurydice is depicted as a young woman well-versed in coping on her own in a world characterized by unpredictability, even in climate. Meanwhile, Orpheus is a passionate singer-songwriter brimming with emotions. Upon their initial encounter, Eurydice is lured into an underworld factory, where Hades transforms his workers into unthinking drones.

Orpheus embarks on a journey to retrieve her, with the assistance of his melodious tunes and Persephone (Hades' wife), he achieves bringing her back to his residence.

The cast is compact, comprising only 13 members, who stay on the forefront for the most of the performance. The chorus consists of 5 cast members, who lend their voices and dance in the background to heighten the vigor of the songs. Included among the actors the three Fates, engaging in song, dialogue, and interaction with the characters. The full seven-piece band for "Hadestown" plays the entire show while all except the drummer are visible on stage. The central protagonists include the deities Hades and Persephone, as well as Orpheus and his beloved Eurydice.

Entertainment Weekly showered commendations on the Broadway rendition, commenting, “When it comes to tales as ancient as time, the narratives of Greek mythology rank at the top, those epic stories of gods and mortals that have been recounted for centuries, inspiring countless adaptations. However, there's something remarkably current and fresh about the manner in which those stories - those timeless melodies, those poignant ballads - are delivered in Hadestown. As it debuts on Broadway, this voyage to the realm of the dead feels like a newly conceived creation.”

Be prepared to experience the praised Broadway show of Hadestown this fall! The spectacle is set to unfold at the Paramount Theatre on Saturday 4th November 2023. Grab the chance to obtain your tickets right away before they run out – attending this performance is an event you shall not repent!

Hadestown at Paramount Theatre

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