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Paramount Theatre | Seattle, Washington

Regardless of whether you're an enthusiast of classical Greek myths or not, rest assured – HADESTOWN is the optimal musical choice for you. The awe-inspiring production of HADESTOWN is getting ready to grace the stage in Seattle, Washington. Get prepared for an unforgettable experience! The captivating tale of doomed lovers Orpheus and Eurydice will definitely have you on the edge of your seat, anticipating a happier ending.

The masterpiece known as Hadestown stands as a recipient of both the Tony and Grammy Awards for its exemplary achievements. Upon its premiere, it garnered glowing feedback and accolades from critics. This devilishly enchanting musical embodies the very essence of the underworld, offering you an chance to grasp and appreciate it more than mere dread. With its fusion of music, lyrics, and story crafted by Anaïs Mitchell, Hadestown is an absolute must-see during this fall. Be present for the live rendition at the Paramount Theatre on Sunday 5th November 2023!

Hadestown is no outlier when it comes to the heartrending conclusions that mark numerous musicals. The initial song decisively declares it to be a "sad song" and a "sad tale." In spite of its tragic conclusion, "Hadestown" draws interest due to its outstanding ensemble and well-crafted storyline imbued with a compelling lesson. The tale retells the myth of Orpheus from Greek mythology. The main plot revolves around the journey of Orpheus and Eurydice to Hadestown, the realm ruled by Hades, where their deeply intertwined love story unfolds.

Anaïs Mitchell, the creative force behind this astonishing production, is responsible for its music, lyrics, and book. Her exceptional talents are evident in her other prominent creations like Young Man in America and Child Ballads. In collaboration with director Rachel Chavkin, Mitchell embarked on a journey to create a new iteration of the stage production in 2012. This revised rendition included extra musical numbers and dialogues. The altered theatrical adaptation of the musical, formed under Chavkin's direction, debuted Off-Broadway at New York Theatre Workshop on May 6 and ran until July 31. The production later had performances in Edmonton and London before making its grand debut on Broadway in March 2019.

The esteemed New York Daily News had a fantastic time attending the Broadway presentation and expressed, “America's journey to the underworld is a road best avoided – better to dismount it, my children. Don't look back – it's much too hazardous. Instead, search for the cracks in that renowned barrier we're erecting. That's the essence of "Hadestown," the thrilling new Broadway show with a score that resonates from the very depths of the American spirit. Mixing elements of steampunk, "Westworld," and Bourbon Street disarray, this grim tuner began as a concept album in 2010 – a kind of folk opera – created by the astounding singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell.”

There's no doubt you can miss out on a theatrical gem like Hadestown. Its distinctive reimagining of the timeless tale is certain to engage you throughout the entire show. With elements of music spanning from folk and indie folk to country, blues, ragtime, gospel, rock, swing, and avant-garde, the show caters to a broad audience. This fall, prepare to be part of the crowd as Hadestown takes the stage in Seattle, Washington! The incredible presentation is set at the Paramount Theatre on Sunday 5th November 2023. Don't pass this up – reserve your seats for Hadestown right away!

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