Hard Nut at Paramount Theatre Seattle

Hard Nut Tickets

Paramount Theatre | Seattle, Washington

Looking for a good musical to introduce your children to and share the joy of the Christmas season? Watch Mark Morris Dance Group perform their version of The Nutcracker at Paramount Theater Seattle on 12th December 2019, 7:30 pm.

Hard Nut at Paramount Theatre Seattle

RUN TIME: Approx 2hrs with intermission

VENUE: Paramount Theater Seattle

DATE: 12th Dec 2019

TIME: 7:30 pm


The Hard Nut is a cascade of wit and wintry beauty performed by Mark Morris Dance Group. Transplanting E.T.A. Hoffmann’s original story from the straitlaced 1890s to the swinging 70s, with raucous parties, dancing G.I. Joes, whimsical costumes, and a Waltz of the Snowflakes, The Hard Nut is a Christmas musical like no other.

That art is personal and deeply instilled with archetypal concepts of guilt, childhood, adolescent sexuality, and poignant, nostalgic portrayals of post-war America. Morris enlisted a team of collaborators to create a world, not unlike that of Burns’ world, where stories take comic book clichés and rearrange them into disturbing yet funny patterns.

Abstract: "…The joy of the travelers was excessive, and Drosselmeier's cousin, the gilder, the happiest man under the sun, on being promised a handsome pension and the gilding of all the gold in the treasury into the bargain. The two gentlemen, the watchmaker and the astronomer, had put on their nightcaps and were going to bed, when the latter (that is, the astronomer) said, "My worthy friend and colleague, you know one piece of luck follows another, and I believe that we have not only found the nut Krakatuk, but also the young man who shall crack it, and present the kernel of beauty to the princess; this person I conceive to be the son of your cousin!" "Yes," continued he, "I am determined not to sleep until I have cast the youth's horoscope." With these words, he took his nightcap from his head, and instantly commenced his observations."

This magical Broadway show is suitable for children FOUR and above. It is legitimately the right musical to introduce your young ones to Broadway.

Happy Holidays!

Hard Nut at Paramount Theatre Seattle

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