Hot Java Cool Jazz at Paramount Theatre Seattle

Hot Java Cool Jazz Tickets

Paramount Theatre | Seattle, Washington

Something's brewing in this side of town! STG Presents Starbucks 25th Annual Hot Java Cool Jazz served smooth at the Paramount Theatre Seattle stage Friday 18th March 2022, featuring performances by five of the best Seattle-area high school jazz bands. Indeed, homegrown jazz musicians are literally high school kids who have been cold-brewing the coolest jazz favorites and slaying 'em like seasoned jazz maestros and virtuosos. Jazz enthusiasts are definitely smelling this java jazz jam brewing a mile away. Get your jazz fix and jump on this opportunity to get tickets right here, right now!

Hot Java Cool Jazz at Paramount Theatre Seattle

The high school kids from Seattle are all right! Seattle-area high school jazz bands are definitely setting the bar high. These young musicians with prodigious talents have been working hard at their craft, now it's their time to shine on the live concert stage as STG Presents Starbucks 25th Annual Hot Java Cool Jazz. Five of the best high school jazz bands in the Seattle area have made the cut and their talents will be honored and celebrated in this annual jazz show which Starbucks has produced since 1995. Since its inception, Starbucks has ongoingly committed to supporting local youth and the school's music programs by giving them all proceeds from this benefit show's tickets sales.

Seattle has been known as a hotbed to nurture the talents of these young jazz musicians. So what's the secret potion they've been drinking — is it the java? Band director Matthew Wenman quips: “There’s nothing about the dirt here that makes people want to play jazz,” he said. “There’s nothing in the water. It’s really just the investment made by people who are passionate about music and passionate about kids. They give of themselves and kids respond and work really hard. Those two things happen and you begin to build a program over time.”

Enjoy a hot cup of java and chill in an evening of cool jazz. Save the date – Friday 18th March 2022, and book your tickets now!

Hot Java Cool Jazz at Paramount Theatre Seattle

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