#IMOMSOHARD: The Getaway Tour at Paramount Theatre Seattle

#IMOMSOHARD: The Getaway Tour Tickets

Paramount Theatre | Seattle, Washington

Internet sensations, the two Moms from #IMOMSOHARD are on the Getaway Tour at Paramount Theatre Seattle on Saturday, June 18th, 2022. They’re not married, well they are, just not to each other, with four kids, two husbands, 6 dogs, and are having, minimally, 2 glasses of wine, and lots of laughs. Grab your tickets to #IMomSoHard right now for an insane, rowdy, and hilarious night that will leave your sides aching.

#IMOMSOHARD: The Getaway Tour at Paramount Theatre Seattle

The hilarious mom duo with millions of followers explore all the ridiculous shit you’re expected to do to keep multiple humans alive and happy-ish, and celebrate the love for the friends who get you through it.

#IMOMSOHARD began as a popular web-series on YouTube by real-life best friends, comedians, and moms Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley. They create weekly videos about all things woman and mother, from hemorrhoids, nipple hair, and sex after marriage, to mom bods, spanks, wedding dresses, and swimsuits.

“Maybe we can make you feel better about the job you’re doing if you see the terrible job we’re doing.”

Their videos have received nearly 300 million views worldwide, in just 3 years. The phenomenon, that Kristin and Jen created, has since been nabbed for development by Warner Brothers TV. The comedians have sold-out two national tours, written a New York Times Best Selling book, landed branded deals with Fortune 100 companies such as Walmart and Uni-Lever, and taped a stand-up comedy special for Amazon Prime Video, launching the network’s first stand-up comedy platform. In the coming months, the women will premiere their weekly podcast and announce a children’s book series with Harper Collins. Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley are both based in Los Angeles and can often be found selling pizza slices for the PTA or working as parking enforcement at school drop off.

#IMOMSOHARD: The Getaway Tour at Paramount Theatre Seattle

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