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Paramount Theatre | Seattle, Washington

Randy Rainbow

A hilarious and colorful evening filled with humor, music, and satire will welcome Randy Rainbow fans this February 3 at the Paramount Theatre Seattle as the American comedian and internet sensation brings his "Randy Rainbow for President Tour" to Seattle, Washington. If you love watching his politically-themed musical parodies online, then this show is for you. You will not be disappointed as the show promises to feature his witty comedic skits and rib-tickling monologues that will make you laugh all your stress away. Famous for his unapologetic and uncensored parodies, Randy Rainbow's flamboyant performances may be funny, but they are so well crafted, featuring his incredible talent. Get your tickets for his Seattle show this February 3, and immerse yourself in the lively and inclusive atmosphere where fun and laughter are at its core. Reserve your tickets today by hitting the "Get Tickets" link. Grab yours early to reserve the best seats in the venue.

Randy Rainbow has a way of making your day with his type of comedy. He is unlike any other stand-up comedian because he does not only talk through his specials, but he also sings. Before he was an established comedian, he had a flourishing career as a musician. That is why when he went full-on comedy, he combined the two. He is among the frontrunners of music parodies during the 2010s. On the other hand, he also holds satirical parodies of presidential interviews when the elections come. With these distinct attributes, he has made a strong impression in the comedy scene.

Randy Stewart Rainbow came from Huntington, New Jersey. His family is Jewish that has a strong bond. He grew to be inspired by his grandmother, whose quick wit and physical comedy brought brightness to their gatherings. He decided to pull out of college and pursue a career in theatre. This was when he began putting out videos about comedy.

In the early 2010s, Rainbow began making videos about fake phone calls with celebrities. He did this by editing real recorded calls from celebrities and splicing them with his. It was clever and funny that it did not take long to take off. In 2010, one of his videos went viral, "Randy Rainbow is Dating Mel Gibson." The success would propel him to make more. After the first one, he made "Randy Rainbow Calls Lindsay Lohan," "Randy Rainbow Calls Dr. Laura," "The Morning After Chelsea's Wedding," "Randy Rainbow Kicks It With Kanye West and many more. Most of his videos were viral. His Youtube channel became an online staple. When 2016 came, which was an election season, he began posting videos about politics and music video parodies. These concepts became hits again, perfect for viewers stressed out with the whole election. His satires poked fun at the candidates, especially Donald Trump, whom he made a music parody of entitled "Braggadocious," a hilarious rewrite of the Mary Poppins original.

Set for another election season, "Randy Rainbow for President" commences. This tour will have a convoy around many cities and will make a stop at many venues. He will be preaching at the Paramount Theatre Seattle on Saturday, February 3, 2024. Get tickets now!

Randy Rainbow at Paramount Theatre

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