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Paramount Theatre | Seattle, Washington

Stuff You Should Know Live

iHeart Radio’s giving podcast listeners an excellent treat this New Year! One of its highest-rated shows, Stuff You Should Know, sets out a few select live dates featuring its hosts, Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant! Stuff You Should Know Live will kick off the mini-outing in Seattle, Washington, with a memorable discussion on Wednesday, 24th January 2024, about anything and everything under the sun! Clark and Bryant will be taking over the Paramount Theatre Seattle with plenty of topics - ranging from art, films, pop culture, and more! Whether you’ve been listening to the podcast since it launched in 2008 or are a newfound follower, you should know that this type of easy-going entertainment is guaranteed to provide you with a great evening of laughs, productive discussions, and a bit of enlightenment! So hurry and grab your tickets to Stuff You Should Know Live! And go ahead and sit back and relax as you enjoy Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant’s brilliant talk at the Paramount Theatre Seattle!

These are the things you never knew you needed to know. But thanks to this highly-rated podcast, you can now add to your vast knowledge about things you never knew about. Somewhat a format patterned after HowStuffWorks, Stuff You Should Know is both hilarious and somewhat educational. Hosts Josh Clark and Josh Bryant have demonstrated incredible chemistry, and their discussions have garnered incredible feedback from listeners.

These guys just know how to keep a great conversation going, and their self-deprecating humor has been an infectious part of the show. The hosts, Clark and Bryant, have also surprised one another with their individual research about specific topics, and more often than not, someone comes out with different information.

The podcast attracts over 1 million weekly listeners, and they have been a consistent placer in iTunes’ Top 10 list. The show has peaked at number 1 many times thanks to its easygoing and informative formula. Stuff You Should Know is the type of podcast that anyone can come in and listen to for the first time, no matter what episode, and no backstory is needed. Moreover, its diverse demographics - ranging from geeks to cool kids, from young to old, and more have also contributed to making the podcast a thrilling success.

Hence, this 2024, the successful podcast will continue its live performances, starting with a highly coveted show at the Paramount Theatre Seattle on Wednesday, 24th January 2024! Fans can look out as Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant deliver never heard before topics and have a healthy discussion, as well as present their individual research. The hilarious tandem has been a winning formula since 2008, and now you can see it in person!

You can also enjoy the many facilities of Paramount Theatre Seattle, such as the plush seating, top-tier lights, and sound system, and excellent customer service. You can’t go wrong seeing a show here as the venue has a long history of hosting some of the city’s most exciting events. Grab your tickets now to see Stuff You Should Know to Live at the Paramount Theatre Seattle on Wednesday, 24th January 2024!

Stuff You Should Know Live at Paramount Theatre

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