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Beetlejuice - The Musical at Paramount TheatreDive into the universe of the other world as Beetlejuice hits the road this 2024! The groundbreaking stage adaption of the 1988 film made waves on Broadway in 2019, and this upcoming spring, the touring production will conquer numerous major venues, including Paramount Theatre in Seattle! Beetlejuice features astounding music and lyrics by Eddie Perfect, with the book written by Scott Bornw and Anthony King! The dark but funny story is guaranteed to transport audiences to the other dimension where a demon tries to help a dead couple who have trouble dealing with humans in their house! Beetlejuice, the iconic character who has turned into a cultural phenomenon, will be breaking the fourth wall on this one and be talking directly to you! The musical has earned countless rave reviews and notable awards and will also bring a stellar cast and remarkable creative team! If you’re keen on catching a highly unique show, you better score your tickets now before they’re gone!

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“A Big, Fantastical Funhouse of Burtonesque Magic!” – People Magazine

“Screamingly Good Fun!” – Variety

“A Feast for the Eyes and Soul!” – Entertainment Weekly

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Just when you thought that only demons get exorcised, you better think again! Humans and other earthly beings can also get exorcised from a house, and that’s where Beetlejuice comes in! The bio-exorcist tries to score himself a gig by murdering the unwitting couple, Adam and Barabara Maitland. The floorboards the couple were standing on started to shake, and they finally fell to their death. Beetlejuice burns the “The Handbook for the Recently Deceased,” so the couple will eventually ask for his guidance on the afterlife. The Deetz move into the Maitland’s house with the lonely and solemn Lydia, who recently lost her mother. After getting a living person to say his name three times, Beetlejuice appears to the Maitlands and declares he is here to help them exorcise living things out of their home. Meanwhile, Beetlejuice finds out that Lydia can see him. Will the Maitlands successfully drive away the new occupants in their house? Will Beetlejuice murder more people to achieve his goal?

This outstanding musical, based on the screenplay by Micahel McDowell, Larry Wilson, and Warren Skaaren, premiered in a 2018 trial run in Washington, D.C. The following year, Beetlejuice finally opened on Broadway and continued to run until March 2020. In 2022, the production reopened, and some original cast from the initial Broadway run to reprise their role.
Eddie Perfect wrote the musical and lyrics, while the storyline was created by Scott Brown and Anthony King. The creative also comprises award-winning director Alex Timbers, choreographer Connor Gallagher, scenic designer David Korins, and costume designer William Ivey Long. The musical is also lauded for its excellent team for their work in special effects, illusions, puppet design, physical movement coordination, and more. In 2023, Beetlejuice kicks off their touring production with numerous dates across major cities, including a pitstop in Seattle, Washington.

The Broadway Production of Beetlejuice earned several accolades, including eight Tony nominations, an Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Set Design, a Drama League Award for Excellence in Directing, and a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Set Design for a Musical. Meanwhile, the 1988 film itself accumulated an impressive number of accolades, including an Academy Award, a Saturn Award, and a Hugo Award. The musical has a few tweaks in its plot from the film’s original story.

The touring production will hold the same level of excellence as the Broadway run. The producers have brought in a stellar touring cast, comprising Justin Collete as Beetlejuice, Isabella Esler as Lydia, Megan McGinnis as Barbara, Will Burton as Adam, and more.

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“A Jaw-dropping Funhouse!” – The New York Times

“A Gen-z Hit!” – Los Angeles Times

Beetlejuice received numerous rave reviews from critics during its Broadway run and its 2023 touring run. The Los Angeles Times described the musical as a breakthrough show catering to Gen Z audiences. The musical made some tweaks to focus more on new audiences that didn’t see the film. “The titular demon, famously played by Michael Keaton for only around 15 minutes of the movie, is given lots more stage time as the charismatic narrator of the musical. By making this joke at the very top of the show, he immediately declares its comedic sensibilities.” The critic continued that the role of Lydia is a highly relatable Gen Z character and resonates well with younger audiences.

Meanwhile, the MD Theater Guide described the musical as more of a rock concert and also paid compliments to the incredible scenic design. “If you’re looking for hours of escapist fun and spellbinding special effects, Beetlejuice is the show to see. It is a whirlwind of constant action, laughs, and superb vocal performances. Closer to a rock concert than a traditional musical.”

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This upcoming spring, Beetlejuice will take over the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, Washington. The Seattle stop will be held from April 2nd to 7th, with eight performances—the musical runs for 2 hours and 30 minutes with one intermission. Attendees will be pleased to know that the Paramount Theatre Seattle offers viewers an exceptional entertainment experience. The 2,800-seater venue has hosted many of the city’s most exciting shows and musicals. The concert hall’s breathtaking architecture resembles that of a magnificent cathedral. Meanwhile, its light and sound technology has always been state-of-the-art. Lastly, attendees will have a great night out with comfortable plush seating and complete facilities. Furthermore, the venue provides great convenience due to its excellent accessibility. Located in Downtown Seattle, the Paramount Theatre is surrounded by several parking facilities within a few minutes walk.

Have a great night out catching one of the most sought-after musicals of 2023 and 2024! The highly unique musical Beetlejuice has been making waves with young audiences for its hilarious plot. The show also provides a tremendous amount of nostalgia for audiences who have seen the 1988 film! See the show this spring at the Paramount Theatre Seattle by securing your tickets now!

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