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Batsheva Dance Company: MOMO

Paramount Theatre

Experience the world’s most prominent and renowned dance ensembles live and up close! The Batsheva Dance Company is bringing MOMO to the heart of Seattle at the Paramount Theatre on Saturday 2nd March 2024. Expect a free, playful, and emotionally charged show.

What’s more? The esemble’s performance of MOMO will be brought alive by an incredible soundtrack that is composed mostly of the album Landfall by the legendary Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet.

The Batsheva Dance Company’s talent has not gone unnoticed, with numerous prestigious awards lining their trophy shelf. To date, they’ve won TWO New York Dance and Performance awards, a Minister of Culture and Sport Prize for Dance Companies and the Critics’ Circle National Dance Award, among many others. WOW!!

Now, they’re bringing their latest and greatest immersive show to the Paramount Theatre. Gather your friends and secure your tickets now! This event is not to be missed!!

Originally established in 1964 by Baroness Batsheva de Rothschild, The Batsheva Dance Company is regarded as one of the world’s most prominent and renowned dance ensembles. To this day, the company remains at the forefront of both local and international dance scenes!! And this is all thanks to the bold choreographic voice of the resident choreographer Ohad Naharin and to the uncompromising quality of the ensemble’s talented dancers.

Talking about the performance, The Batsheva Dance Company says: “MOMO has two souls. One sends long roots to the depths of the earth – a soul that embodies archetypes and myths of hardened, raw masculinity, and the other is in a constant search for an individual and distinct DNA; one moves within its own autonomous and independent force field and the other is a constellation of elements that spin around the same nucleus – alternately drifting away and towards it, making room for necessary tenderness and catharsis.”

This amazing performance will be accompanied by a soundtrack that is composed mostly of the album Landfall by the legendary Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet. If you haven’t already heard, they are one of the foremost contemporary classical music ensembles. You can expect a shared passion of deep sorrow and beauty to unfold on the Paramount Theatre Seattle stage. Through surrender, the performers will set out on a dedicated search to find a crack in their existence, and any disruptions in their movement code are transformed into free, playful, and emotionally charged elements.

Don't miss your chance to experience this one of a kind performance by The Batsheva Dance Company live at The Paramount Theatre. Located in the vibrant center of Seattle, this historic venue is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable night. Picture yourself immersed in the emotive MOMO show, surrounded by extravagant decorations, transporting you to a bygone era. Once the hottest spot to be during the Roaring Twenties, it continues to be the “premier performing arts venue.” No wonder it's the busiest theater in all of Seattle!!

Gather your friends, grab your tickets now, and join us for an immersive experience like no other.

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