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Prepare yourselves to be bamboozled as the comedian Ben Schwartz brings an improvised set with his spectacular friends on Ben Schwartz and Friends Show, arriving on Sunday, 5th of May, at Paramount Theatre, Seattle. The Sonic and the Hedgehog star will set up a comedy where he introduces his unannounced group for an unexpected and mind-boggling set that will surely kill all your sadness with overflowing laughter at their jokes. As Ben Schwartz dishes the tour all over the country, the show will have its top in Washington state to surprise the audience with overwhelming and unpredictable takes that will catch the fans on the spot, crying with giggles. Known for his comedic prowess and remarkable talents featured in his comedy series Parks and Recreation, Middleditch and Schwartz, and House of Lies, the award-winning comedian is on the verge of putting everyone on the humorous organ as Ben Schwartz and Friends delivers the exemplary comedic experience beforehand. Grab your tickets now!

The actor-comedian Ben Schwartz will display his comedic art as he settles the funniest set with his friends in the city of Seattle, dropping the Ben Schwartz and Friends Show on Sunday, May 5, 2024, at Paramount Theatre, Seattle, Washington. Known for his iconic roles in TV and movies featuring his comedic absurdity, this time, Ben Schwartz will lean on live comedy as he promises a laugh-filled atmosphere in this extraordinary show for keeps.

Pulling up gimmicks on this show, Ben Schwartz will bring an unannounced cast of friends that will complete the event, improvising and firing the set for the fans to enjoy. With the show’s unpredictability and sense of not knowing what comes next, it will spice up the night of comedic interest as Ben Schwartz digs deeper into the laughing bones of the audiences, bringing smiles to their faces.

Being active in TV and movies since 2006, Ben Schwartz voiced many iconic characters in films, including Randy Cunningham in 9th Grade Ninja, Dewey Duck in DuckTales, and Leonardo in The Rise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. From that, he evolved and added to his arsenal of improv specials with his keen talent for improvisation and impromptu comedy. Starring in different series, including Parks and Recreation, Middleditch and Schwartz, and House of Lies, the Emmy Award-winning comedian is giving the fans a chance to witness this show that will put the comedy run through your heads.

“The whole idea is the entire show is made up on the spot for that audience. The show will never exist again. It's made up for you in that moment and then disappears”, Ben Schwartz said on the theme of this show.

Ben Schwartz and Friends Show will be held at the Paramount Theatre Seattle. The venue, known for its flexible event space for concerts, special events, and comedy, will be the perfect location for this uplifting show with its great visual effects, sound effects, and facilities that will be loved by the 2,807 fans watching the funniest show of the night. Don't get riddled because Ben Schwartz and Friends will never fiddle as they deliver a once-in-a-lifetime event that will blow your mind or make your stomach laugh. Book the dates and secure your tickets now!

Ben Schwartz at Paramount Theatre

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