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Saturday night is comedy night at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. One of the longest-standing acts in the current comedy circuit, Brian Regan is headlining at the Paramount Theatre on Saturday the 14th of September 2024. With Regan you know what you get! It’s going to be a night to hear about some of his wild stories through his years in comedy and even as a college football player. He’ll talk about all of the different things that many people his age go through. It’s typically a very family-oriented show! That’s hard to find these days. He won’t be one of those people who use bad words to try and get some cheap laughs.

If you want to come out to the Paramount Theatre on this Saturday in mid-September, it could be a perfect date night idea or outing with friends. All you need to do is click the get tickets button to reserve your seat for the event.

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Regan has a very interesting life story that landed him in comedy. Without a doubt, when comedians have had their fair share of experiences, it usually makes for a better show. He was a stand-out football player in his hometown of Miami. That landed him the chance to play college football. In more recent years, he turned his football past into a small segment produced by NFL Films, which talks about his high school football career. His football backstory is actually relevant because legend has it that it was one of his coaches who told him to go into comedy. He was actually thinking about being an accountant!

If you want to head to comedy night at the Paramount Theater on September 14th, just be warned! Regan still has that brownish hair in the promos. When you see him walk out on stage, you’ll see that the years have passed by a bit. Now he’s got a full gray head of hair, and he’s a little less mobile on stage! Still the same dude, though, with some of the best punchlines in the business.

It’s fitting that Regan produced a comedy show with the legend Jerry Seinfeld. Their comedic styles are very similar. In a sense, Regan is one of those comedians who does a show about nothing, just like the famed sitcom starring his famous friend. He talks about just the little things that go on in life, which anyone can seemingly relate to. Late-night fans have also probably seen him with Jimmy Fallon. He’s one of the more regular guests on the show. Part of that is the rapport that he’s built with the host. What you can expect on that night at the Paramount Theater is just a ton of laughs all around.

The Paramount Theatre is one of the best places to see a comedy show in the Pacific Northwest. Any seat in the house gives you a great view of the stage. Of course, you won’t have any issues with acoustics. If you come out with your friends or your spouse, you can have a beer and some laughs and enjoy the night. Regan shows get really full, so you’ll want to make sure you click that get tickets button today!

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