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The nation's guitar hero, Cory Wong, is one lucky lad! Releasing a new album with a star-studded roster of collaborators including Allen Stone, Dodie, O.A.R., and Louis Cole, the man continues to slam the strings for rockin' nights at his Winter Tour. Sharing the stage with Monica Martin as his supporting act, the man is set to hit the stage at Paramount Theatre Seattle on Friday, 16th of February of the new year. The Grammy-nominated guitar king pushed boundaries with his newest hits - "Call Me Wild" with Dodie, "The Grid Generation" with Louis Cole, and "Look At Me" with Allen Stone, taking his craft to the next level. Giving "The Lucky One" its much-awaited live stage treatment, fans are in for a wild night as Wong rocks it all out. Be sure to mark your calendars and save your seats for a rockin' night by booking your tickets now!

Cory Wong is back with a new record and a matching tour to rock it out on stage. Dropping "The Lucky One" in its entirety featuring a star-studded roster of collaborators including Allen Stone, O.A.R., Ben Rector, Louis Cole, Dodie, and so on, the man showcases his songwriting, music production, and guitar slammin' talent, and versatility at the top of his game. Sharing his newest hits "Call Me Wild" with Dodie, "The Grid Generation" with Louis Cole, and "Look At Me" with Allen Stone, he's down to rock the stage out on his 2024 Winter Tour.

Supporting guitar hero at his newest trek is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter hailing from Chicago, Monica Martin. Sharing the same values of authentic and personal creativity at their core, Wong is out to share nights of rocking everyone's heart out.

"The Lucky One" showcases diversely influenced music across 12 tracks with a slew of collaborators. Wong shares that the album is largely a product of his desire to make music in a much more controlled environment, with his hands taking the lead.

"Most of the albums I've made have all been recorded live in a room or on the set of my YouTube variety show," he shared. "This time around I wanted to have a more controlled and isolated studio environment that really showcases more of my chops as a producer. The spirit of this album is in collaboration, and I'm thrilled to have some of my favorite artists on this album as collaborators."

Since dropping his self-released debut LP in 2012, the man surely grew as a fine artist, soon becoming one of the nation's acclaimed guitar heroes. Now on his 12th record, he just keeps getting better and better!

"At this point in my creative journey, I’m constantly trying to find ways to challenge myself and make myself better," he shared, as cited from a feature article by Grateful Web. "I feel like I’m at an era in my life where I’ve been more creatively charged than ever, and I’m constantly inspired by getting to make music and travel the world with my friends playing music. It’s a gift and I truly am ‘The Lucky One.’"

He sure is one lucky lad with a bunch of lucky fans! Don't miss out on this chance to catch him performing his newest masterpieces and rockin' crowd favorites live on stage. Book your tickets now!

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