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Hitting the road from Las Vegas, Donny Osmond has just released some super exciting news. The pop sensation will be spoiling fans and taking his award-winning music extravaganza to Seattle’s premier venue. The celebrated singer will be bringing more than sixty years of showbiz to the Paramount Theatre Seattle on Saturday 10th August 2024.

Treat the entire family to Donny Osmond’s greatest hits this summer! From his top seventies hits to contemporary R&B and hip-hop tunes, this unique show plays to every generation. Expect to dance the night away to everything from The 1992 collection Greatest Hits: Donny Osmond to 2021's Start Again. Don’t miss your chance to see this award-winning show straight out of Las Vegas! Circle your calendar and book your places now!

“Osmond brings everything to the table from his stellar six-decade career as a top-notch entertainer. His work ethic, showmanship, and still flourishing singing voice is showcased during his new residency.” (Las Vegas Entertainment Guide).

Donny Osmond has been a huge player in the entertainment scene since he was young. In an epic career that’s spanned more than sixty years, the legend has shot to stardom in different nooks of the entertainment industry. From music and radio right through to theater, film and television, Donny Osmond has etched his name into history. The star’s charming voice scored him a huge Broadway following, meanwhile his performance skills secured him a Daytime Emmy Award–nomination for his talk show.

The pop icon Donny Osmond recently announced that he will be taking his award-winning Las Vegas residency show to the Paramount Theatre Seattle on Saturday 10th August 2024. The megastar will be bringing over sixty years of showmanship to Seattle's leading venue. Playing to every generation, this performance is jam packed with family friendly hits. From igniting the stage with his very best seventies tunes to turning heads with contemporary R&B and hip-hop tracks, the popstar never fails to keep its audience on the edge of their seats. Expect to sing along to everything from The 1992 collection Greatest Hits: Donny Osmond to 2021's Start Again.

Donny Osmond is very much a family man. Growing up in a large family, he was one of nine kids! When he was little, he loved nothing more than singing with his brothers. Together, they created the Osmond Brothers and released huge hits like "One Bad Apple." This fan favorite was the first in a long string of consecutive chart toppers. As the seventies dawned, Donny Osbond took a leap of faith and embarked on his solo and extremely successful career. With his debut single "Sweet and Innocent" making its mark in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 charts, it’s no wonder the hitmaker was a famous solo singer at only 14 years old!

Who’s ready to sing and dance the night away to the very finest hits in pop history? This August, the sensational Donny Osmond will be taking over the Paramount Theatre Seattle. Promising to deliver his iconic voice and award-winning showmanship, this concert is not to be missed! Book your places today and join the legend live this summer.

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