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Watch out for an exhilarating month of August as seasoned country and folk powerhouse Flatland Calvary makes their rounds for the Wandering Stars Tour! The Lubbock, Texas natives are here to serve phenomenal tunes as they bring their latest album centerstage! This excellent new work has spawned magnificent titles like “Let It Roll” and “Last American Summer.” Now, fans in Seattle are looking at a terrific chance to see Flatland Calvalry turn up the stage at the Paramount Theatre Seattle! On Friday 9th August 2024, the band will be presenting their new titles from Wandering Stars, plus iconic tracks from their earlier releases! Think titles like “A Life Where We Work Out,” “Mountain Song,” “Sleeping Alone,” and more! It’s a good time to be alive when you’re a lover of country folk icons like Flatland Cavalry and it would be great if you secure your passes early! Click on the Get Tickets link now before you miss out!

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For a band that jump started their career with a crowdfunding campaign to drop their debut EP, this band has definitely come a long way. For starters, Flatland Cavalry began their Wandering Stars Tour in winter of 2023. Now the trek continues all the way to summer and fall of 2024 due to public demand! Who wouldn’t be demanding more shows from this country icons when they continue to drop bangers like “Last American Summer” and “Let It Roll”? These new staples continue to show the band’s unique music approach – highly distinct guitar tone, astounding vocals from frontman Cleto Cordero, and compelling lyrics.

This 2024, expect a thrilling setlist as these mighty talented kids from Texas showcase their new effort. Wandering Stars, their fourth body of work. The album has been praised for its old school appeal, having the 90s country sound. Some music experts are even saying that this Lubbock natives are the new breed of Texas country – stepping into the footsteps of fellow Lubbock-native Josh Abbott and Texas titans Randy Rogers band.

Now, you too can get the best of Texas Country as you experience this brilliant new set from Flatland Cavalry. Besides songs from their 2023 work, the show will also highlight their previous releases – from their crowdfunded deput EP, Come May to their 2022 effort, Songs to Keep You Warm. These records have spawned a plethora of highly beloved titles like “Sleeping Alone,” “Mountain Song,” “West Texas in My Eye,” and “A Life Where We Work Out.” Garnering a collective streams of 300 million on Spotify there is no doubt that Flatland Cavalry is indeed the future of Texas Country – not bad for the “humble folks” from Lubbock!

So make sure you treat yourself to brilliant takes on Americana, folk, country, and more as Flatland Cavalry showcase their super versatility. The show at the Paramount Theatre Seattle is slated to show fans why they're currently the fastest rising stars from Texas. So hurry and don’t miss out – it’s a once in a lifetime spectacle featuring Texas country powerhouse, Flatland Calvary.

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