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Franco Escamilla

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All hail Mexico’s top standupero! The sensational Franco Escamilla will make thousands upon thousands laugh on this upcoming trek titled Show 1995! Are you ready to laugh like there’s no tomorrow?! Yes, that’s exactly how you feel when you come and see Franco Escamilla in one of his amazing Spanish stand-up comedy sets! And the remarkable news is that he’s making his way across the U.S. this fall! The esteemed comedian is set to deliver a plethora of dates this 2024, and it includes a coveted stop in Seattle, Washington! On Friday, 18th October 2024, fans can definitely look forward to his outstanding humor as he lights up the Paramount Theatre Seattle with his latest stand-up set! Escamilla is known for his witty observations, hilarious anecdotes, and jaw-dropping punchlines – it’s top-tier comedy at its best, and it’s in Spanish! If you’ve been looking for a chuckle-worthy event to catch this fall, this is it! Hurry and secure your tickets now before you miss out!

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It’s idiosyncratic humor at its finest! If you love ridiculous comedy, this is right up your alley! Franco Escamilla has been making waves across the globe with his unprecedented humor. The highly acclaimed comedian is currently regarded as one of Mexico’s top laugh riots. He’s also at the forefront of Mexico’s booming comedy industry. Yes, there is a fantastic rise in standuperos in the country; comedy fans are ecstatic. Finally, Mexican parents are seeing that comedy is a great career choice! Kidding aside, Franco Escamilla has been one of the most recognizable faces in comedy thanks to his acting and stand-up work. He has also performed across the world and sold out tours in numerous territories, including the U.S., Australia, Tokyo, South America, and more. Moreover, his fantastic material has garnered millions of streams on YouTube, Netflix, and TikTok. Franco Escamilla has been resonating well with young and old viewers due to his remarkable relatability. Meanwhile, his phenomenal crowd work has made him a viral Internet hit.

In 2024, he has set his eyes on conquering the U.S. market. American Latin comedy fans better get ready for some side stitch-inducing laughter as the outstanding funnyman delivers his latest set for the Show 1995 Tour. For his North American trek, Franco Escamilla is set to make a coveted stop at the Paramount Theatre Seattle. Attendees can anticipate some top-tier comedy as he shares funny stories, self-deprecation, and highly relatable jokes. Most of all, Escamilla is known for his perfect timing and incredible punchlines.

Aside from great laughs, attendees can also expect a great experience when they visit the Paramount Theatre Seattle. The venue provides audiences with a great ambiance, utmost comfort, and top-tier lights and sound system. With the theater’s plush seating, excellent customer service, and fantastic facilities, you’re guaranteed to have a great night out.

It’s time to treat yourself by experiencing a hilarious stand-up show featuring Mexico’s top comedian, Franco Escamilla. It’s a rare opportunity to see the illustrious comic deliver his latest bits, and the venue is anticipated to be jam-packed for his one-night show at the Paramount Theatre Seattle. Buy tickets early so you don’t miss out on Franco Escamilla on Friday 18th October 2024!

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