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New music is coming up real soon. Now, all you need is love! British rock band IDLES is kicking off a global tour with special stops across North America. The band will be performing shows in support of their upcoming new album, "TANGK", coming out this spring. Kicking off the US leg of the tour in May, they just announced a special stop at Paramount Theatre Seattle on Wednesday, May 8. Brought to you by the "Mother" rockers, it's surely bound to be a wild rockin' night with IDLES. In anticipation of TANGK's official release, the band shared new singles Dancer" featuring LCD Soundsystem and "Grace". This time around, they're jet-set to spread love around the world. From nightclubs to jam-packed arenas, fans are in for a big new era. Shaking things up, the revival rockers are stoked to share TANGK on the stage. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Ever since "Brutalism" came out and rocked the indie crowd, everyone tuned in to IDLES' brand of hard-edged rock anthems. As one of this generation's hottest revival acts, their albums have been raved by fans and critics alike, with new listeners joining the family after every record shakes the world. Straight from Bristol, the band is made up of lead vocalist Joe Talbot, guitarist Mark Bowen, Lee Kiernan, Adam Devonshire on bass, and drummer Jon Beavis.

"Brutalism" was hailed as "An exhilarating escape along frenzied rhythms and powerhouse rhythms with a ferocious commentary for guidance... as vital as it is volatile," by DIY Magazine. To this date, IDLES' music is definitely characterized by its ability to provide an exhilarating escape to listeners who crave a rockin' experience.

Following their 2021 LP "Crawler", the band is slated to release its fifth studio album "TANGK" on February 16th. Exclaimed as one of the most exciting rock bands to watch out for after their debut, IDLES remains to be a strong contender in the rock scene. With waves of support from fans and critics, their legacy continues to live on. Kicking off a new era, they released the first single off their upcoming LP, "Dancer" featuring LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy.

"When I started this album, I said to Bowen: ‘I want to make people dance, I want people to feel the love that I need in my life, I want to make people move, I want our music to be infectious again," Talbot told NME, discussing what their new album is all about. "I wanted to elaborate and transgress from 2021’s Crawler, which was the start of something new for us. When something feels as electric as Crawler did, I just wanted to continue it and to evoke a sense of purpose with what we are as musicians."

It's an electric feeling. They're all set to share waves of energy as TANGK comes out. IDLES' music was never about being the most articulate or replicating classic success, it's all about feeling the groove of rockin' hits. Their anthems have touched the lives of their fans, one way or another.

Now, it's all about sharing love. "I needed love. So I made it. I gave love out to the world and it feels like magic. This is our album of gratitude and power. All love songs. All is love," they shared on social media.

With a rockin' new single, it definitely makes us look back to why we all fell in love with their music in the first place. Sharing non-stop energy since their debut, they ain't backing down anytime soon.

As TANGK launches a new era for the band, IDLES dedicates its success to their fans, allowing them to live the electric dream. "We’re here because of them, but we knew that from the start. We built our career with our audience," they told NME in an interview. "Audiences are the reason that music and live music is so magic – it’s the exchange that we have."

You're the reason IDLES keeps rockin' it all out. You deserve to be part of this era of love, live on stage. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Idles at Paramount Theatre

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