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Jim Gaffigan

Hey, comedy lovers, are you ready for another rib-tickling evening from the "everyman" of comedy? Catch the one and only Jim Gaffigan as he brings his "Barely Alive" standup comedy tour to the Paramount Theatre Seattle this April 12. This is going to be a perfect Friday night to unwind from work. Gaffigan's signature "clean" humor will undoubtedly take all your stress away. Call all your friends, mark your calendars, and prepare to witness more than an hour of pure comedy genius from the award-winning actor-comedian. The show may be dubbed as "Barely Alive," but it will definitely be teeming with life, evident in the deafening laughter and applause from the audience. After all, it's Jim Gaffigan. There is no dull moment for this veteran comedian. Whenever he picks up a microphone and opens his mouth, you are in for a wild ride. Whether he is talking about food, the hits and misses of parenthood, or any topic conceivable, there is always a brilliant punchline that will make you burst into laughter. Don't take our word for it; you need to experience it on your own. Click the "Get Tickets" link to reserve your tickets for the show.

Jim Gaffigan is a master of conversations. No comedian can create comedy out of the most normal of all banters. At one time, he could be talking about reading newspapers or wanting to become an anesthesiologist and still somehow manage to find where the words will tickle. Unlike others who bring out their energy through speaking rapidly, he is the type who takes time to let the joke seep through. He is also considered a clean comic because you do not have to pull out dirty jokes just so the audience would laugh. Nonetheless, he is a comedic genius who will not allow you to breathe because when his skits begin, you will be left hooting with laughter.
Gaffigan's love for comedy came from watching Saturday Night Live during his childhood and teenage years. Before he became a comedian, he was a litigation consultant and hated the work with every fiber of his being. That is why when the opportunity came, he moved to New York and started anew. He decided to try acting lessons. During these lessons, he was talked to taking seminars about stand-up comedy, and fell in love with it more than he ever did.
The first decade of his career was difficult. It took him years and years just so he could find the comedy style that fits him. And then he discovered observational stand-up and stuck with it ever since. He also learned that he is great with soliloquies. Right after finally seeing the direction he wanted to take, his career began to progress upward. After six years of non-stop auditions, he appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and instantly captured everyone's attention.
He released one stand-up special one after another up until he was featured on Comedy Central. He paired this with recordings compiled into albums, which he slowly built up in his career. "Beyond the Pale," "King Baby," "Noble Ape," and "Comedy Monster" are some of his best stand-ups/ albums.
While his stand-up career was beginning to soar, he also established himself as a serious actor. He appeared in thrillers, starred in a drama film, and was Mr. Smee in the recent Peter Pan & Wendy film.
The great comedian is on a mission to spread joy and laughter on his 2024 tour. His humor will be experienced at the Paramount Theatre Seattle on April 12 and you are invited to witness it. So, book tickets now!

Jim Gaffigan at Paramount Theatre

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