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Get ready to let the good times roll as one of the finest global stand-up comedians is back on tour. This time, KANAN GILL is taking his iconic thoughts on all sorts of existential whinging — we all have had enough! Why, how, what is the meaning of all this? Now, the man is asking WHAT IS THIS? As he takes the crowd on an existential party of non-stop laughs.

Rising to fame for his “Pretentious Movie Reviews” on YouTube, and making his way to the global scene of comedy, Gill was recently nominated for “Most Outstanding Show” at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. His shows will definitely get you laughing out loud as he asks all sorts of questions that we’ve had enough of. First he asked “Is This It? (it was), and now we’ve got to deal with “What Is This?”

Giving you a show about nothing at all… get ready for a hilarious ride that’ll get you questioning WHAT IS THIS? with the one and only Kanan Gill. Catch him LIVE at Paramount Theatre Seattle on Sunday, October 27. Book your tickets now!

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Everyone’s tired of existential whinging, and KANAN GILL sure shares the same feeling. Why are we here? What does this mean? ENOUGH. Well, now the iconic stand-up comedian is asking WHAT IS THIS? Taking his thoughts about everything in between, it all means nothing after all… Discover something new (or not) as the man starts asking and analyzing the important things in life, or at least what we perceive to be important. Say, “Are thoughts thieves in an empty house?”. Oh just save it for the live show!

KANAN GILL is heading back to the road, kicking off WHAT IS THIS? WORLD TOUR 2024. Hitting the stage at Paramount Theatre Seattle, get ready to witness the man’s deep introspections of life’s ins and outs in a grand and majestic theater. There sure is nothing like asking questions about our existence in a venue that’s been around since 1928. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, making the Paramount Theatre a premier destination for some of the world’s most legendary acts.

In an official release, the show shares — “What Is This? is about nothing at all. So far. But what does nothing mean? What is emptiness empty of? Are thoughts thieves in an empty house? Oh, shut up dude, stop it.”

Kanan Singh Gill first found his shot at fame when his YouTube series “Pretentious Movie Reviews” gained massive acclaim. Everyone was hooked on his reviews of campy Bollywood films with fellow stand-up comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath. By 2017, he released his first comedy hour “Keep It Real” on Amazon Prime Video. Since then, he dived deeper into the art of stand-up comedy alongside acting and other sketch projects.

Now on his fourth comedy hour, the man examines the very point of being, the idea surrounding it, and how unsatisfying experiences can get. Right now, all sorts of questions have attacked our brains, and all we can say is… WHAT IS THIS?

Well, you aren’t alone and we’re looking forward to hearing the answers from the man himself. Nominated for “Most Outstanding Show” at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, his shows will surely have you cracking in big laughs.

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