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Last Podcast On The Left

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The Last Podcast on the Left has been dominating the true crime space for over a decade, and now they’re bringing the gut wrenching stories and chilling commentary to the stage for a live taping at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. If you’re a true crime fanatic, this podcast is a staple. The show is set for Saturday June 8th, so grab your tickets before they’re gone - it’s going to be a real terror.

Formed in 2011 by three close friends, The Last Podcast on the Left is a podcast that brings listeners truly haunting content twice a week. But what started as a passion project among three horror loving friends turned into something much bigger all these years later, and now, they’re bringing the show to you with live recordings of the sensational podcast taking place all over the world. It’s the haunting of the century - Get your tickets to join them in Seattle this summer… but be prepared to scream.

Last Podcast On The Left Tickets from $66

Since the beginning, The Last Podcast on the Left has brought the scares in every way they can; covering true crime stories, creepypastas, horror movies, and everything in between. Fans have met every single week to hear more, but it was never enough. That’s exactly why our gracious hosts have decided to hit the road this year and record live from theaters all over the US, Europe, and Australia. So, do you think you can handle it? Promise you won’t get too scared? Tickets are available now. Buy some online today… if you dare!!!

The Last Podcast on the Left has run for over 1000 episodes but it wouldn’t be possible without its incredible hosts. The show is fronted by expert podcast producer slash researcher Marcus Parks, multi-talented comedian slash actor Henry Zebrowski and hilarious comedian Ed Larson. With these three at the helm, The Last Podcast delivers elaborately researched content every week. With this upcoming tour, now’s your chance to become a part of the show too. It’s a perfect event for any fan of the macabre. Come on down to the Paramount this June to be a live audience member in the next episode of The Last Podcast.

Based here in the US, The Last Podcast on the Left has built a global fan base over their years, and continues to trend worldwide. Thanks to this new tour, fans all over the world can witness the show IRL. The Last Podcast is headed all over, with dates across the United States, the UK, Iceland, and Australia. With so many exciting upcoming dates, the crew is sure to make a handful of quality live shows for fans who can’t make it to watch. Wanna get in on the action? Grab some tickets to hear their terrifying stories live and in person this June in Seattle.

If you’re a true crime fan, chances are you’re into podcasts. If you aren’t, horror and true crime podcasts are an essential part of consuming horror content in 2024, so what’s your excuse? Fans of the macabre and horror alike will take delight in being a part of a live podcast experience. The hosts of The Last Podcast will both engage the audience and horrify them with dark, twisted tales all night long. Pay a visit to The Last Podcast on the Left this summer and see them live in Seattle… or else.

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