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Going to an indie or alternative rock show with one good band is exciting. When you’re able to get two top acts for the price of one, that’s called a steal! It can make a regular concert night turn into an over-the-top experience. That’s the kind of day that you’ll be in line to have if you head over to the Paramount Theatre in Seattle on Sunday, the 13th of October, 2024. “Nation of Language” is going to be headlining this event, which is part of a very limited tour that they're on with “Blonde RedHead,” another indie band that fans are going to be able to enjoy.

The bands will alternate the headlining position on these shows. In Seattle, at the Paramount Theater, it will be Nation of Language’s turn to be on stage last. If you’re looking to see any of these bands live, be sure to click the get tickets button today!

Nation of Language Tickets from $66

Nation of Language is very much an alternative rock band. Their songs feature a lot of electronic music beats mixed with guitars and sometimes squeaky vocals. “On Division St,” one of the band's more popular tracks, is a perfect example of all this. One of the really cool things about them, though, is that they’re on tour a lot! Plus, they play plenty of festivals on their multi-country tours. The reason why they get booked for many of these events is because they’re masters of playing the crowd. You don’t even need to know the lyrics to the songs to feel their beats and vibe when you stand in the crowd at the Paramount Theater and have a good time! It’s a Sunday night; it’s better to head to the theater than some bar to see a random rock band live.

Blonde RedHead is a band that’s been around for a much longer time. They formed back in the 90s, and they get their name from Japanese lead singer Kazu Makino. This band has experimented with all forms of rock to this point. Currently, a lot of their tracks fall along similar lines to what you can expect from Nation of Language. The vocals, though, from the Japanese lead singer are a bit of a twist, to say the least. “For The Damaged Coda” is their flagship song, and you’re going to recognize it from the meme world even if you’re not a fan of the band. There’s a ton of stuff that they can pull from their bag of tricks. That’s what you’ll have when you’re an act that’s been going strong since 1995. Both bands are ready and willing to put on a show in Seattle on Sunday, October 13th. It’s gonna be a good one!

The Paramount Theatre in Seattle has something for everyone on this night. If you want to be as close as can be to the bands, you have to get a ticket in the floor area and arrive at the show early. There are other options on the upper levels with padded seats that promise to provide a much more comfortable experience. The stage is visible from anywhere in the theater; it’s just a matter of choosing where you want to be within the venue on this date. Click the get tickets button to ensure there’s a spot reserved for you on this Sunday night in October.

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