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Known for their fresh and entertaining illusions on stage, the long-time magic-and-comedy duo PENN & TELLER is keeping it LIVE this 2024. With a slew of tour dates scheduled throughout the year, fans can truly never get enough of the iconic duo’s entertaining acts. Since their first shows in 1975 and their Emmy Award-winning PBS special Penn & Teller Go Public in 1985, they’ve sent generations of fans into the wonders of comedy magic. Keeping their legacy live on stage, get ready to be dazzled by Penn & Teller’s innovative and hilarious shows.

With close to five decades of experience in the world of magic, their impact is surely one-of-a-kind for their comedic charm. Now, it’s a legendary show happening at Paramount Theatre Seattle on Friday, October 25th. It’s history in the making. Watch them pull off familiar tricks and new antics as they keep their live shows fresh and entertaining. No night is like any other with Penn & Teller. Secure the best seats by booking your tickets now!

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Get ready to be dazzled by the legendary duo in magical comedy — PENN & TELLER. Taking their long-running performances back to the live stage this year, the iconic duo is set to dominate the live magic and comedy scene with a roster of tour dates and a Vegas residency this 2024. As fans couldn’t get enough of their hilarious and spectacular acts, every show promises something NEW. It’s surely what they’re known for — fresh and entertaining magical wonders.

Since their first shows in 1975 and onto their massive breakthrough in 1985 for their Off Broadway shows and their Emmy Award-winning special “Penn & Teller Go Public”, the iconic duo has shaken up millions of fans for their unique tricks. Since then, there’s been huge demand for their performances on TV and on stage. Now, they’re keeping the legacy alive with fresh and new acts in every show.

Seattle has become a landmark city for the BEST entertainment. From smash-hit Broadway musicals to A-list comedians, the city has a lot to offer — and Paramount Theatre Seattle has hosted a multitude of the world’s best entertainers. With its name on the National Register of Historic Places on October 9th of 1974, world-renowned acts have set foot on the majestic theater. As Penn & Teller head up its stage, you’re in for a legendary night of magical comedy.

In a feature by New York Post, Penn & Teller share nifty tricks and behind-the-scenes of their iconic shows. 48 years in the game, they continue to leave audiences into wonder, “scratching their heads asking “how did they do that?!” with their ambitious, funny and awe-inspiring live shows.”

Instead of pulling the same trick every single night, they shake things up with new acts. “We’re very excited about new things,” Jillette told New York Post. “So if you came to our show a month ago, it’s a whole new show now.”

Looking back, Penn & Teller recall one of their most iconic performances — when they hung upside down for a trick on Saturday Night Live. “In the rehearsal and dress rehearsal, it never worked… We only did that trick right once, and that was live.” Jillette proudly shared.

They truly are the real deal. Inching close to five decades in the scene, they are living legends for their impact in magic and comedy. Nothing comes close to a Penn & Teller show. As they carry on with a roster of shows this year, make sure your part of history by taking part in a magical night at Paramount Theatre Seattle on October 25th. Book your tickets now!

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