Tedeschi Trucks Band at Paramount Theatre Seattle

Tedeschi Trucks Band Tickets

Paramount Theatre | Seattle, Washington

Tedeschi Trucks Band

Be at the Paramount Theatre Seattle on Tuesday the 28th of May this year to be a part of Tedeschi Trucks Band's 2024 ‘Deuces Wild’ tour! Tickets are on sale now, so book yours today without delay to guarantee you places at their show. This is their first time hitting the road since 2022 and promises to be an amazing concert experience. The 12-piece band has a huge reputation for being a band that consistently delivers unforgettable live shows. Their debut album, ‘Revelator’ was the winner for ‘Best Blues Album’ at the 2012 Grammy Awards and in 2023 they won the Blues Music Awards for ‘Band of the Year’, showcasing their longevity and skills as music artists - discover this for yourself by seeing them live as a part of their 2024 tour. Whether you are watching them for the first time or again, you will have a brilliant evening. Book your tickets now!

The Tedeschi Trucks Band, also fondly known as TTB, are heading out on the road this year for the first time since 2022. Their tour, ‘Deuces Wild’ will be an amazing set of concerts with sets and playlists that will delight older and new fans alike. Renowned for their amazing skills as a band and as separate musicians, they are one of the biggest and best bands to experience if your soul loves the blues.

They pay great homage to the genre of blues and blues rock, but also add a distinctive edge with how they mesh the foundations of the genre and add new shape in their compilations. Through their skills in how they manage them they bring a fresh inspiration to the music. Their latest studio release, ‘I Am The Moon’, is their biggest, most ambitious project to date. It was released in a series of album releases in 4 parts throughout 2022 alongside films – part I ‘Crescent’, part II ‘Ascension’, part III ‘The Fall’ and part IV ‘Farewell’ was inspired by a myth of two star-crossed lovers with all the tracks being original. Two years later it is still sending ripples throughout the music industry.

Yet, Tedeschi Trucks Band is not just known for their bold music projects, but also for their live playing. Fans have been amazed by the masterful skill and on-stage chemistry the 12-piece band evoke during their shows. Between the members they create a union of music that blends all their talents together but also gives them space to shine as individuals – no mean fete for any band to achieve.

But don’t just take our word for it, experience TTB for yourself by being a part of their 2024 ‘Deuces Wild’ tour and book your tickets today! They will be at the Paramount Theatre Seattle on Tuesday the 28th of May. You will not regret taking the time out to hear their music live, possibly even their chart-topping tracks, ‘Anyhow’ or ‘Hardcase’. But whatever their playlist for the evening will be, we can guarantee you will have an unforgettable time, so secure your tickets now!

Tedeschi Trucks Band at Paramount Theatre

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