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Witness the epic story of God's love for the earth and the spiritual war for all humanity as told in The Thorn. This spectacular show combines dance, martial arts, aerial acrobatics, and emotionally dramatic performances. We assure you that the show will keep you captivated from beginning to end. It’s a show for people who wish to understand God and Christ on a deeper level, to understand the Passion of Christ.

The Thorn will be live at the Paramount Theatre Seattle on Friday, the 9th of February, 2024. Do not miss out on seeing the show as the touring production comes to your city. This may be your last chance to catch it live. The show is open to all ages, so the entire family is welcome to attend.

Tickets for The Thorn are on sale right now. Grab your tickets to the show before they sell out. You may purchase yours by clicking ‘GET TICKETS.’

Producers: Sarah Bolin, John Bolin

Director: Andrew Harmon

Choreographer: Lori Forster

The Thorn follows the tale of the Passion of Christ. It is the story of God's unconditional love for the world, in which he gave his only son, Jesus Christ, to redeem us. The Thorn mixes dance, martial arts, aerial acrobatics, and emotionally dramatic performances in this retelling. It's a fresh take on a historical event. Originally, The Thorn premiered in front of a small group of high school kids. Now, it is touring the country with professional dancers, actors, martial artists, and aerialists from all over the world.

Paul Asay from The Gazette exclaims, "The Thorn is a dramatic and musical extravaganza."

Eric Gorski from The Denver Post remarks, "The Thorn rivals a Broadway production in scope and ambition."

THE THORN was conceived and mostly played in churches around the country through 2019. The production was largely shelved during the Covid pandemic and is now set to reach a wider audience through its nationwide tour.

"I wanted to do a drama that would show and communicate and demonstrate the love of Jesus for young people," the show’s creator John Bolin told Christian Headlines. "And I didn't want to pull any punches. I didn't want to be graphic, but I also wanted them to know this really happened and He loves you this much."

"I'd been preaching a sermon series on apologetics and this 16-year-old girl came and sat next to me on the stage," he said. "And she just started bawling. And she held her arms out and I could see where she'd been cutting up and down her arms. And she'd been going through so much pain in her life with her family. … And I said, 'You don't have to do that, because I believe Jesus did that for you.'"

John Bolin shares that this "cirque-immersive experience" is for teens who don’t like church. It’s a way for them to connect with God and understand him on a deeper level which is relatable to them.

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