Together Live Tour at Paramount Theatre Seattle

Paramount Theatre, Seattle, Washington



Gathering storytellers, actors, a biomedical scientist, an Olympic medalist and FIFA Women's World Cup-winner and many other diverse, fierce female voices, Together Live Tour comes to Paramount Theatre Seattle on Thursday 21st September 2017! An intersectional women's conference, Together Live brings together wise women and their incredible stories:

"To drown out rhetoric of fear, division, and hate, Together Live is going to shout out stories of courage, unity and love,” says author Glennon Doyle, (Love Warrior, 2016) who participated in the first Together Live tour and will speak in all ten cities this year. “We’re going to remind each other that our families and communities and lives are love stories and we will refuse to be afraid of each other. We will shout loud and proud that our American values are inclusion, freedom, justice and opportunity for all. Love — courageous, inclusive love — is the revolution of our day. This revolution will be led by tough-minded, tenderhearted women. We are inviting these leaders to the stage and to the audience of the Together tour for a nationwide rally so we can refuel for our lives and work ahead."

Together Live Tour at Paramount Theatre Seattle

Inspiring and connecting women from all walks of life, Together Live is an assembly of women who care:

"Women are the crux of community, we are the ones who give rise to the next generation. It’s imperative that we join forces and see each other, I mean really see that none of us are liberated until we acknowledge that we all have different struggles. With our current political climate creating a divide across the nation, now more than ever before women need to rise together. We need to be the shining example of love, use our influence to tear down walls of hate, and build bridges of understanding to move forward united. Together Live is a launch pad that I believe will help catapult each person into a space of self-inquiry, empathy, and activating their influence and making change in their communities."

This year's speakers:

• Glennon Doyle

• Abby Wambach

• Luvvie Ajayi

• Latham Thomas

• Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

• Ibtihaj Muhammad

• Sophia Bush

• Maysoon Zayid

• Jamia Wilson

• Elizabeth Lesser

• Dr. Knatokie M. Ford

• Alexis Jones

• Connie Britton

• Ruthie Lindsey

Together Live Tour at Paramount Theatre Seattle



Together Live Tour

Paramount Theatre

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