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Featuring some of the funniest panelists from the hour-long weekly news radio panel show "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!", get ready for a wild night of stand-up comedy at THE WAIT WAIT STAND-UP TOUR. Though their weekly stint is subject to FCC limitations, their live tour trek will feature full evenings of their unfiltered comedy fun! Answering questions showcasing their genius wit, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me's live stand-up shows surely impress with their genius banters and spiels. The NPR Radio program is set to meet its listeners face-to-face, serving memorable nights of fun and laughter, featuring incredibly talented and hilarious panelists. On tour, Wait Wait regular Alonzo Bodden will be the host on most nights. Catch a roster of hilarious panelists take charge of the spontaneous stand-up special right at Paramount Theatre Seattle on Thursday, May 23. Book your tickets now!

Your favorite comedy-gold quiz radio program, brought to you by NPR, is coming to town! Off of your streaming thingamabobs and radio antennas, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me marks a slew of dates for THE WAIT WAIT STAND-UP TOUR this year. It's the nation's #1 entertaining and informative weekly quiz program! On most nights, Wait Wait regular Alonzo Bodden will be hosting the hilarious evening with fellow panelists.

Since its first run back in 2022, the acclaimed radio show just keeps coming back for another live run. The demand always goes through the roof! Ya'll definitely just can't get enough of their comedy-gold antics and banters about anything under the sun. Moreover, the radio program is subject to FCC regulations on-air, but THE WAIT WAIT STAND-UP TOUR is full of unfiltered comedy fun! It sure is an experience like no other.

Following a pilot run of live shows back in June 2022, "We love doing this," shared Alonzo Bodden. "It's not your typical Saturday morning comedy. These are the funniest Wait Wait panelists, uncensored."

"The stand-up tour has the smarts and surprise of Wait Wait, but it's a little more raw, with more laugh-out-loud moments," Dough Berman, creator of Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me said. "There's just not enough time during an hour of Wait Wait to really get to know the panelists. They're some of the smartest and funniest people on the planet, and this is a chance to spend an evening laughing with them."

Now, have a laugh and test your brains with some of the nation's funniest comedians on the road. Stripped off FCC regulations, you can expect all-out unfiltered fun.

25 years of quiz laughs, you definitely know their voices by heart. Straight out of your weekend radio listening, their live shows are truly next-level experiences in the stand-up scene. With over 3.9 million listeners weekly, The Wait Wait podcast has been downloaded over 800k times every week. Co-produced by NPR and Chicago Public Media, the program has connected millions of listeners with entertaining and interactive content.

Don't miss out on THE WAIT WAIT STAND-UP TOUR by booking your tickets now!

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