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The alternative rock band Ween puts the Seattle fans in eccentric feels for their “40 Years Of Ween” tour on Tuesday, 6th of August at Paramount Theatre, Seattle, Washington. Ween, celebrating their 40th band anniversary, will showcase their highly eclectic tracks for the fans waiting for the all-out rock splash. The band, composed of Dean Ween, Gene Ween, Claude Coleman Jr., Dave Dreiwitz, and Glenn McClelland, put the time chamber to bring back the solid jam from their 40 years of alternative rock slam. Get ready to be rock-stunned as the award-winning band poses up for their infectious live performances accompanied by their slick musicality and genre-blending discography. Featuring their greatest songs, “Transdermal Celebration,” “Buckingham Green,” and “Voodoo Lady,” the chills and feels will be all over the venue as Ween Stirs the mood to a headbanging tune. Make sure to be on the scene as the band Ween delivers the hype feelings for an all-night alternative rock scheme up for grabs. Get your tickets now!

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The certified rock experience is here to tell with the band Ween dropping their “40 Years of Ween” Tour to the city of Seattle on Tuesday, 6th of August, at Paramount Theatre, Washington. Dive in for a gritty music scene as Ween celebrates their 40 years in the industry with an intense live concert that will put the fans in a rock-centric world.

Marking their anniversary in 2024, Ween is set for a rock fest as they line up a nationwide tour, visiting cities across the country to give back to the fans for a fruitful 40 years of rent-free music. Leading the course are the band members composed of Dean Ween, Gene Ween, Claude Coleman Jr., Dave Dreiwitz, and Glenn McClelland to treat the fans to a jam-packed concert that everyone is waiting for.

Formed in 1984, Ween, with their founding members Gene and Dean Ween, established and produced bangers of music that got recognition in the underground scene. Their offbeat musicality became their foundation for becoming one of the renowned alternative rock bands of their era. They acclimated 9 studio albums and 7 live albums, solidifying their position as one of the most influential bands of their time. Crafting their greatest hits, “Transdermal Celebration,” “Buckingham Green,” and “Voodoo Lady,” the band is surely the band to watch for. Now, after 40 years, Ween is still relevant, and their music is still getting a lot of streams throughout the platforms worldwide. Get the timeless music on the shacks as Ween delivers the once-in-a-lifetime rock performance for the fans in attendance.

“We will be painting the town brown all year long!” Ween said about their upcoming US Tour.

The “40 Years Of Ween” tour led by Ween will be turning to the Paramount Theatre for a night of alternative rock masterclass. As one of the best concert venues in Seattle, Paramount Theatre will be the home of a promising night of genre-bending music styles as Ween hits it with the booming fire. With its modern features, high-quality light, and smooth reverb and acoustics, it is the perfect setting for a 40-year celebration as Ween resolves all the confusion for a night of pure alternative rock sessions. Grab your tickets now!

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