Frequently Asked Questions

Many visitors to Seattle’s Paramount Theatre have questions about what they can expect when visiting the venue for the first time. Whether you’re unsure about box office hours or upcoming shows playing at the Paramount Theatre, you can learn more about what to expect by reading these answers to common questions.

What Are the Ticket Prices?

Ticket costs depend on the prices set for upcoming shows, which you can check by clicking “Get Tickets” on the theatre’s website. The best ticket rates are at the Paramount Box Office. The “Get Tickets” tab will show all available seats and their corresponding prices.

Ordering tickets online via Ticketmaster will incur non-refundable convenience fees. Yet, the fees are comparable to many similar venues. Charges for online and phone ticket orders may include:

  • Per order fees
  • Per ticket service charges
  • Facility fees

Paramount Theatre Seattle tickets from the box office will eliminate those fees. Please note that box office hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Are Rush Tickets Available for Broadway Shows?

Rush tickets may be available for Broadway programming at the Paramount Theatre. However, the tickets are only available for students with valid student IDs. Most of the time, the theatre won’t know if a particular Broadway show offers students rush tickets until an hour or two before the first performance.

Does the Paramount Theatre Seattle Have a Patron Drop-Off Area?

Yes, visitors who aren’t staying for a show at the Paramount Theatre can drop off patrons in the front of the venue at its patron loading and unloading zone.

Can You Bring a Bag or Purse Into the Seattle Theatre to Watch Performances?

Though personal items are allowed, you should avoid bringing a large bag into the Paramount Theatre. If you have a big bag, it must undergo a thorough search before you can enter the Paramount Theatre. Bag checks can take time, so it’s best to either not have one or arrive at the Paramount Theatre with enough time to do the bag check and take your seat before showtime.

Do Paramount Theatre Events and Performances Have a Dress Code?

You don’t have to adhere to a strict dress code when viewing national and local entertainment at the Paramount Theatre. Many people enjoy dressing up in a lovely dress or suit, but clean jeans and polo shirts are also acceptable for the relaxed Seattle crowd.

Still, it’s best to avoid exposed undergarments and beachwear. Shoes, bottoms, and shirts are a must for every Paramount Theatre guest regardless of gender and age.

What Happens If You Arrive Late to a Paramount Theatre Performance?

Most Broadway shows at the Paramount Theatre will allow late attendees to take their seats at specific parts of the show like applause breaks. Yet, most casual events and concerts allow guests to come and go as they like.

It’s common for fine arts and dance performances at the Paramount Theatre to follow a strict no-late-seating policy. Your reminder email about upcoming events at the Paramount Theatre that you’re attending will mention such policies.

Will the Paramount Theatre Offer Food and Drinks to Guests?

Most performances and Broadway plays at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre include bar service that serves soft drinks and cocktails about 60 minutes before the show. Once the performance begins, the Paramount Theatre bar will shut down until intermission.

The Paramount Theatre doesn’t serve food for every performance, and you cannot bring outside drinks or food. Food may be available for purchase for select upcoming events.