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girl from north country at paramount theatrePrepare yourselves! An exciting new musical awaits you in Seattle, Washington. The newest Tony Award-winning Broadway musical – Girl From the North Country – is unlike anything you have ever seen before, This breakthrough production is hailed by the Chicago Tribune as a “Broadway revelation.” The story is set during the Great Depression – a collection of lost souls who cross paths at an aged guesthouse. They realize nothing in their lives are as it seems as they stand at a tipping point. However, as they look to the future and run from the past, they are forced to confront hidden realities about the present.

Girl From the North Country will run at the Paramount Theatre – Seattle from the 25th to the 30th of June, 2024. This is your chance to immerse yourselves in a moving tale, brought to life by Bob Dylan’s timeless hits. Tickets to the show are available to you right now. Go on and secure yours before it’s too late!

Girl From The North Country Tickets:

“a musical that does complete justice to the artistry of the great American songwriter whose genius inspired it.” – Wallstreet Journal

“an extraordinarily intense and musically compelling performance” – Chicago Tribune

“it is a ravishingly performed ode to Dylan’s own poetic lyricism.‚Äč” – NY1

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GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY – written and directed by renowned playwright Conor McPherson – reimagines 20 legendary Bob Dylan songs as they have never been heard before. Simon Hale’s Tony Award-winning orchestrations are featured including “Forever Young,” “All Along The Watchtower,” “Hurricane,” “Slow Train Coming,” and “Like A Rolling Stone.” They are accompanied by vintage musical instruments from the 1930s, including piano, violin, mandolin, guitars, and double bass, and some members of the company perform live in addition to acting and singing, giving them a genuine historical feel.

The production won two Olivier Awards and a Tony Award win including seven nominations. In the heart of the Great Depression in 1930s America, the story revolves on a dilapidated inn. Owners Nick and his dementia-affected wife Elizabeth Laine are having financial difficulties and are unable to make their mortgage payments. Their adoptive black daughter is pregnant and single, and their in-house son is an inebriated would-be author. A wrongfully imprisoned boxer, a widow, an immoral preacher, a couple with a kid who has learning impairments, and a morphine-using doctor are just a few of the lost souls living at the guesthouse who are all trying to get away from their pasts.

A review from Scottishfield said, “Although the subject matter is dark, and the setting isn’t the most joyous, there are still plenty of laughs to be had throughout, especially when Elizabeth breaks the fourth wall at one point, which entertained the audience.” It would be good for you to know that the musical is not all gloom and depression – the songs entertain all throughout the production. The audiences are thoroughly involved in an occasionally gloomy, murky environment thanks to Mark Henderson’S lighting whereas Rae Smith’s set and costume design, making the cast’s costumes appear well worn.

The show made its Broadway premiere in 2020, but was cute short due to the pandemic. They reopened on Broadway in 2022, with producers Tristan Baker and Charlie Parsons saying, “We feel that now was the right time to capture this incredible production … This was the right time with the right cast, and everything fell into place perfectly. This story is beautiful and deserves to be seen by audiences all over, even if they can’t make it to the theater.” Fans of both Bob Dylan and the musical were ecstatic to find out that the musical has not come to a complete end.

“A show that transports the soul. Incredible” – Times

“Conor McPherson weaves magic with Bob Dylan’s songs” – The Observer

“Powerful, affecting and original.” – Sunday Express

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This is your chance to witness the outstanding Girl From the North Country. As Scottishfield said, “f you’re a Bob Dylan fan, then you’re going to love this production, as it reinterprets the familiar, in a new way – all approved by the great man himself. If you’re a fan of musicals, with incredible, heart-wrentching songs and powerful, emotive lyrics, then you’re going to adore this too. Unmissable.”

A critic never lies. You must simply come to the show to witness for yourself why it has been awarded multiple Tony Awards and a Grammy Award nomination! The show will run at the Paramount Theatre Seattle from the 25th to the 30th of June, 2024. Have an unforgettable night with all your loved ones, and prepare to be moved by the story of the Girl From the North Country. This powerful and emotionally moving production is like a breath of fresh air from all the other Broadway musicals. Girl From the North Country offers an honest production where you’re left pondering about life’s challenges and what ifs. The lessons learned from this marvelous production make the show a must-see for everyone.

Tickets to the show are on sale right now. Hurry up and secure yours before it’s too late! Click on “get tickets” as soon as you can to reserve your seats to Girl From the North Country. The cast will see you at the show!

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