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Are you ready to see your favorite comedy performances, music acts, silent movies, or Broadway plays on stage at the Paramount Theatre Seattle? Elevate your experience by exploring everything the local Seattle, Washington scene offers residents and tourists.

Here, you can learn about the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions near the Paramount Theatre so you can plan an unforgettable Paramount Theatre experience.

Hotels Near Paramount Theatre

If you prefer a hotel near Seattle’s Paramount Theatre, here are the finest grouped together for your convenience:

  • Hilton Garden Inn Seattle Downtown. This hotel at 1821 Boren Avenue is the ideal location for Paramount Theatre visitors who want to participate in other notable events or attractions in Seattle. This hotel is a seven-minute walk from Paramount Theatre.
  • Hyatt at Olive 8. The Hyatt at Olive 8, located at 1635 8th Avenue, is a mere two-minute walk from the Paramount Theatre. Hotel amenities include an on-site gym and deep-tissue massages.
  • Paramount Hotel. The Paramount Hotel, located at 724 Pine Street, is a two-minute walk from the Paramount Theatre Seattle. Its centralized location is perfect for visitors who want to soak up the best sights and attractions in the area, such as Seattle Center and Pike Place Market.
  • Hotel Max. Hotel Max is a little further away from Paramount Theatre. Located at 620 Stewart Street, it is a six-minute walk from Seattle’s Paramount Theatre and offers a unique hotel experience, perfect for people who love art, photography, and music.
  • Fairmont Olympic Hotel. The Fairmont Olympic Hotel is at 411 University Street in downtown Seattle. Though it is a 12-minute walk to the Paramount Theatre, it offers outstanding accommodations for anyone wanting to experience the charm and splendor of a lavish historic hotel after attending special events at the Paramount Theatre.
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Local Entertainment and Attractions Near Paramount Theatre

You should make the most of your time in Seattle, Washington. Whether you’re going to see Wicked in November or Kimberly Akimbo in January at the Paramount Theatre, be sure to explore the city and take in its many sites and attractions such as:

  • Westlake Center. Anyone looking for the best shopping near the Paramount Theatre should visit Westlake Center. The massive, four-story shopping mall features many high-end retailers such as Saks Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack, and Zara’s.
  • Seattle Art Museum. You’ll find SAM at the center of Seattle’s thriving downtown region. This art museum features famous work from notable classic artists as well as contemporary up-and-coming artists.
  • Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market is one of Seattle’s top tourist destinations, with more than 100 years’ worth of history at its core. It has small businesses, eateries, and stalls from hundreds of craftsmen, farmers, and other professionals with goods to sell.
  • Seattle Great Wheel. The Seattle Great Wheel on Pier 57 is more than 170 feet high, making it the West Coast’s biggest Ferris wheel.
  • T-Mobile Park and Lumen Field. If you’re a fan of the Seattle Seahawks or The Mariners, you must visit T-Mobile Park and Lumen Field. Even if a game isn’t currently happening at either stadium, both locations offer stunning views of Seattle’s skyline.

Local Restaurant Near Paramount Theatre

Whether you intend to catch the latest Broadway show in October or watch a jazz-filled music event in April at the Paramount Theatre Seattle, you shouldn’t do so on an empty stomach. Seattle, Washington is home to plenty of dining establishments. This diverse city offers everything from fast local comfort food to national chain restaurants.

No matter when you catch an upcoming show at the Paramount Theatre, be sure not to miss an opportunity to eat at one of these restaurants:

  • Palace Kitchen at 2030 5th Avenue. Since 1996, this restaurant with an open-concept kitchen has been a go-to destination for late-night breakfasts, sophisticated dinners, and tasty cocktails.
  • The Carlile Room at 820 Pine Street. Just minutes from the Paramount Theatre, the Carlile Room is the perfect place to go for a cocktail. You can also enjoy modern American cuisine and an upscale retro aesthetic.
  • Dough Zone at 815 Pine Street. This premier dumpling house features some of the best Chinese comfort food in downtown Seattle near the Paramount Theatre. Feast on delectable treats like noodles, soup dumplings, and more.
  • Lola at 2000 B 4th Avenue. Dine on flavorful Greek-inspired dishes at this family-owned restaurant that feels like a home away from home.
  • Seatown Rub Shack & Fishfry at 2010 Western Avenue. This restaurant at the end of Pike Place Market is the go-to destination for fresh seafood. Its famous fish and chips and creamy clam and bacon chowder put this eatery on the map.

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